July 22, 2007

rue blaes straat 208

The adress of the notorious Fuse-club ... but also the same building that hosts/hosted Mad Club and La Démence.

Underneath are 2 recordings of those concepts.
First is a 75 minutes-Mad Club set, it features resident dj's Yves Deruyter and Rudy. The club used to be open every wednesday -but that seems like ages ago- and was managed by Boterham (slice of bread if you prefer :)
The second set, fortunately is only 35 minutes (short impression), it was recorded in La Démence by resident-dj Elias, as featured in this picture. La Démence is a gay concept, it's still running after all those years (monthly).

La Démence White Party - sunday 22.03.98 dj Elias

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