June 21, 2007

"his face looked like plastik, man!"

Before the internet became part of our lives, clubbers stayed informed about nightlife thanks to flyers and magazines. One of those magz that was there from the beginning is Out-Soon magazine. What started as a collection of flyers has now turned into a true nightlife/lifestyle magazine.
Some years ago they hosted a few parties of their own, ... and guess what? Underneath you'll find a link to a recording that was made on one of those magical nights. It features a dj-set by Richie Hawtin, better known these days as "the min_mal king". The set was recorded many years ago, it's just as deep as what he plays nowadays, but let's say it's "a bit" harder/faster (better/stronger?)


  1. many THX for sharing this Fuse goodie, mate!! Appreciated :) keep 'em coming

  2. will do ;) (much more to share)