June 12, 2007

josh 'used to be a dread' wink

I love acid (but that quote was claimed by Luke Vibert), and i can think of many great tracks, ... but if i had to take 1 record out of my collection, it would be "higher state of consciousness" by Josh Wink.
My all time favourite song! (that is, electronic)

As a dj it took him way to long to get the credits he deserves over here in Europe. Strangely enough his popularity has increased only the past few years, thanks to the minimal-hype, while his interests are much wider than this. "Variety" is the nice thing about the set underneath: a blend of acid, breakbeats, techno, a lot of house, some dubby and even progressive influences ...

i am ready ;) Josh Wink 16.10.99 at Fuse (2 hour-set)

1 comment:

  1. Well damn,
    I'm moving this month, so all records and decks are packed. This mix just prioritized some items on my schedule ;-).