June 7, 2007

a nurse with a tattoo

This must be the look that made the french kitten popular.
As for music, i got in touch with her after the release of her Champagne ep (featuring the coky "Frank Sinatra" hit), a collaboration with The Hacker on the Intl. Deejay Gigolo label.
The set underneath was recorded 1 year after this release, and it sets off with a 30min. live-act of this duo (mind the Gameboy in the intro), then followed by a dj-set. The tracklist is very diverse, it starts with Prince's "When doves cry" and explores acid, techno, elektro, minimal (the real stuff) and even some booty kinda influences.
If you like this kind of diversity, try checking her Radio Caroline vol.1 mix-cd, the track-selection is very nice.


  1. Thanx for Miss Kitten. Always something different than the normal minimal sets!!!

  2. i think this can NOT be bad