October 2, 2008

The greatest Switch: dance top 100

I don't understand why people are always nagging about the lack of interest in electronic music in the media. Let's be honest, over here in Belgium there's no reason to complain.
Ever since the early '90s national radio Studio Brussel made their contribution thanks to Teknoville, taking over the airwaves every friday and saturdaynight. About 8 years ago Teknoville got a serious make-over, and from then on it was renamed Switch ... an other name, but still a great (and similar) concept!

Today, after over 15 years of electronic music on national radio it's finally time to make a summary and chart the 100 best dance-tracks. How to do this? By sending a top5 to this link.
I strongly advise everyone to participate in order to keep high standards :p

Needless to say how hard it is to choose 5 tracks. But on the other hand, 10 or 20 would be just as difficult.

Here's the top5 i sent, ask me again tomorrow and it might look completely different :)

5. Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams (Speakers mix)

4. Jones & Stephenson - The first Rebirth

3. Rob Dougan - Clubbed to death

2. Plastikman - Spastik

1. Wink - Higher state of Consciousness (Tweekin acid funk mix)

Feel free to post your personal chart in the comments, and don't forget to vote (i sound like Obama).

PS: tomorrow i'm doing an interview in the Switch-show (about this blog).

PPS: "woot,woot" 18th of October at Café Capital Antwerp: Greatest Switch party with the Dominators, the Terminators + Ed&Kim. Retro galore!!


  1. Toevallig gisteren aan het luisteren in den auto, mooi interview! :)

  2. Ten eerste, Goe bezig...
    Ik hoop dat jij me kan verder helpen. Ik zie op je blog dat je ook aanwezig was op de Teknoville party in de Cherrymoon waar Sven Vath een fantastische ste heeft gespeeld. Ik heb zeer lang deze mix op K7 gehad incl de commentaar van Stefan Ackermans ;). Door een paar maal verhuizen ben ik deze kwijtgespeeld, dus hoop ik dat jij me kan verder helpen...

    Alvast bedankt;


  3. leuk interview, uwe vuilbak al ontvangen? LOL

    @ Wesley
    ik heb die mix nog op cassette staan, incl de commentaar van stefan ackermans
    zal hem eens proberen te rippen

  4. Emmanuel Top stond ook in de top 100 :-)

    Rozzo - Into your heart
    At the villa people - Open your eyes
    Rolando - Knight of the jaguar
    Emmanuel Top - Spherique

    Dat zijn een paar van mijn favorieten ...

  5. ^^, nope de vuilbak is nog niet aangekomen :)