March 19, 2007

one Hell of a party

In the next few weeks/months you can expect several Fuse-sets on my blog.
Maybe you didn't recognize the picture, but today i'm offering you a
dj Hell-set. In and out of the picture, Dj Hell has always been out there ever since i started listening to electronic music, and i've been following him since his first release ("my definition of house music" on R&S).

The set was recorded in 1999, at that time Hell had an "international residency" at the club ... one year later he released a mix-cd for FUSE in the "Fuse presents"-series. (In 2007 that honour goes to Steve Bug, check my review here, that is if you speak Dutch)

As usual Hell doesn't compromize and mixes house, techno, Chicago ... don't expect to hear elektro or trashy sounds, this set was recorded before the hype!