October 7, 2007

carl craig

It seems to get harder by the day to keep my sets online ... so grab this one as fast as you can. In the meantime i'll try posting an update on what's online and what isn't by the end of the week (or month, year, decade?).
Here's over 2-hours of Carl Craig, as usual a set recorded at Fuse. To be honest i haven't been the biggest fan of his dj-sets the last years: a part of his tracklist never seems to change. This is like an exception (maybe because it was recorded over 7 years ago).
It sets off in a very laidback houzy kinda way and slowly enters a Detroit spectrum called techno. Tiny details: the first 8 minutes of the recording are played by one of the Fuse-residents.

MegaUpload: Carl Craig, Fuse, 29.01.00.

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