March 25, 2008

steve cop

A few weeks ago a friend of Steve Cop mailed me to see if i wanted to rip some of his tapes ... didn't take me long to decide :)

In the early nineties Steve did a few productions for the R&S-label as Sonic Solution (ao Beat time, and Ravesignal II together with CJ Bolland) but most of you probably know him as a dj.
A few of his residencies: H2o, Café d'Anvers and Silo (Loop-parties).
I'll try and share some of this stuff with you in the next few weeks.
The links will also appear on a new blog, dedicated to Steve only, in order to keep this collection alive. (Steve's friend runs his new blog over here).

Here's an apetizer on what's coming:

Steve Cop, Loop 21.11.97.

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