February 1, 2009


So here's a little challenge ... i went through my tape-collection last week and picked this set out, put it into my tape-deck and pressed play. I was surprised, not only by the energy but also by the sound quality which had remained very good (maxell xl2 :)).
Only 1 problem: the dj's name wasn't tagged on this tape. So i have the name of the club, party, date and even a flyer (thx to www.atribute2cherrymoon.com) ... time for the experts to have a listen and tell me who's playing (could even be 2 different dj's).
Enjoy this piece of techno, i'll try and edit this post once the panel has decided who's behind the decks :p
Edit: Mr. Lovinlektro says "Deg" :)


  1. i was there that night and also bought a tape (from lightjockey Pino at the time for 700 BFR - about 17 euro). My tape is mixed from resident Franky and contains much more hardtrance sounds which were popular in those days.
    i listened to this mix and my guess is the first 70 mins are mixed by Damon Wild and the last part is mixed by Franky (because the end of your mix is identical on the beginning of my tape (which was tagged with DJ Franky)

  2. thx for this usefull reply mate!