February 2, 2007

let's switch back to ... Teknoville

Does anybody remember this radio show? Studio Brussel's first serious approach towards electronic music and an inspiration to many djs (but probably not 2manydjs?)

Every now and then (=approx. once a year) these guys threw a party, and did a live-broadcast. Lucky were those who could join the party and have someone taping it for them at home (otherwise they would have nothing to post in their blogs 9 years later).

This is a tape rip from their annual at the Vooruit venue (Ghent), line-up that night:

Main room: Derrick May, Juan Atkins (if I remember well, he had to cancel), Moody (Belgian pride, doing a very nice warming-up) and Kevin Saunderson.

Ball room: Blake Baxter and Cari Lekebusch.

A night to remember for several reasons: Saunderson doing a great set and tearing the roof off, May (just the fact that he actually shows up is memorable) having technical problems and throwing away his headphones (no kidding, temper temper).

I'd have to check if I have any other Teknoville-tapes (somewhere out there ... Cherry Moon? Fuse?). This is a 90 minute recording of Kevin Saunderson's set.

Oh yeah, date: 18/12/98

 Teknoville at Vooruit: dj Kevin Saunderson 18.12.98


  1. thx for this one!

    oldskool way

  2. thx a lot for this wonderful post!
    one of my best parties ever!
    i remember that derrick may's set was great too and i also remember the revolving lights in the ballroom to prevent the dj that the sound is too loud!
    blake baxter put on it all the time!!

  3. As far as i remember May himself wasn't very happy about his set (or he had some problems with the monitors... dunno). Anyway, at a certain moment he even threw away his headphones.
    After the show (Vooruit 5 o'clock curfue) he took time to socialize with the remaining clubbers and handed out some autographs :)

  4. Any chance you've got a recording of Cari Lekebusch from this party?

  5. nope, sorry ... no ballroom recordings ;)

  6. i also remember that there were very very few people attending blake baxter's set ...in the ballroom

    was very disappointed because atkins didn't eventually show up ... at that time it was not every day that u could see the holy trinity gathering for one night !

  7. Remember the party like it was yesterday! First time I saw the ballroom. I got lost on the way froom the main room to it! LOL
    Great great party, Derrick May's set was also SUPER, and whe the lights turned on, it was great to see all tose smilling party faces!! 8-)

  8. Any chance you've got the recording of the moody set that evening?

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